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Travel the World with FUN People!

Girl Hiking in Mountains
Participate in Outdoor Adventure
Cityscape of Florence
Outside Dinner
Learn About Local History and Culture
Try New Culinary Experiences

Upcoming Excursions

Enjoy Free Time to Relax or Create Your Own Adventure
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Paris all over the world
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Future Adventures

Future Adventure Excursions 


Colorado National Parks: Rocky Mountains, Gunnison, Mesa Verde,

Great Sand Dunes (June)

African Amercian History Tour Series#1(September)

Australia and New Zealand (November)


Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali

Alaska featuring National Parks

African American History Tour Series#2  


California National Parks: Redwoods, Lassen Volcanic, Pinnacles

Natural World Wonder to Mt. Everest Base Camp (Nepal, India) 

African American History Tour Series#3


Cuba (if travel is allowed)

Portugal, Spain, and Moracco

African American History Tour Series#4


North and South Dakota National Parks

Norway, Sweden, Denmark 

African American History Tour Series#5 (Back to Africa)

Learn more about the African American History Tour Series: Spaces will be limited

Scenes from Fresco International Adventures 

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