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Fresco Adventure Presents 

An African American History Tour Series


This upcoming Fresco Adventure traveling series will take us to various locations that explore the African American experience from arriving in America through returning to our roots. During the five-year journey we will visit various cities in the United States, learning about our history in this country and featuring hiking/biking, water-fun, culinary tours, and historic towns.


The program is a series of multi-day journeys with the following themes:

2025: Coming to America; featuring Jamestown, Virginia as the major port for the initial slave trade and other nearby cities along the Chesapeake Bay.

2026: Escaping to Freedom; featuring Cambridge, Maryland, the home of Harriet Tubman and various journeys along the Underground Railroad.
2027: Living in America; featuring cities that flourished after reconstruction and where African Americans prospered.  

2028: Fighting for Our Civil Rights; featuring southern cities that were key during the Civil Rights era.

2029: Back to Africa; featuring visits to a few of Africa’s countries where many of our ancestors and heritage originated.


Sign up to get the first opportunity to join us in the journey as spaces will be limited for this once in a life-time adventure!

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African American History Tour

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