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Where in the World?

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

All my life I have felt like I have been a wandering soul, lifting the stones to see what's underneath and sharing the results of the findings. From the first moment that I can remember, I have envisioned myself walking around exploring the wonders of the neighborhood and eventually the world.

I have always had the curiosities to want to know what it would be like to be here and there and as I have matured into my understanding of how this life thing works, I now have realized that this is my natural calling. I LOVE looking at maps as it allows me to see all the possibilities. As a spirit in this current life episode, my mission is to explore the world and share the experiences with others in the hopes that they too will appreciate their own abilities and to better understand their truth for being. It is through this process that we learn about ourselves and how we are all here to assist others in some helpful way.

Our physical presence is needed to share some type of wisdom and experience. We ALL have a purpose and when we realize what it is, it makes life all the better because you know what you stand for and what you need to do to fulfill the mission of your lifetime.

This blog is an opportunity to share some of the stories of being a wandering spirit. I am known in my household as ‘The Wanderer’ but it is more than just a title, but a sense of being. If we are able to share the knowledge of our souls and if it is able to assist someone else in their spiritual journey, then the purpose of being will be fulfilled.

Enjoy the adventures.

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