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Interested in Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail?


Want to hike some or all of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)?

Join me for a multi-year adventure to hike the infamous Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington, for 2,650 miles.

You can participate in some or all of the trek.  If you are interested in partaking in any of this journey, sign-up below and I’ll keep you informed of the schedule of proposed hiking dates that are being prepared each year.  I plan to hike the trail in two to three-week increments during the fall and spring timeframe until the entire trail has been completed. Most of the hikes will be day hikes from the designated area, and some sections will require overnight backpacking based on road crossing locations.  We’ll mix the trips with hikes and exploring local historical places and fun activities along the way, so there will be down days (no hiking) for some of the days. 

PCT Hiking has begun!

The first group of hikers have been out on the trail, and we hope that you will join us for the rest of the journey.  There will be day hikes and overnight backpack trips scheduled.  

Sign-up to get on the mailing list to receive the proposed spring and fall hiking schedule.


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Preparations for Hiking

  1. You must be in good physical condition to participate in the scheduled hikes.

  2. Although hikes may average from 10-15 miles per day, some days may be less, and some may be more.  You should have prior experience of hiking at least 10 miles per day for multiple days.  You should have previous backpacking experience if you plan to participate in a hike that requires an overnight stay on the trail.  Most backpacking days will be for three or less days.

  3. You will be responsible for providing your own transportation and nearby lodging if needed to the designated area where the hiking will take place.  Some transportation and lodging costs may be shared by the participants (such as the cost to rent a vehicle or shuttle service to get to and from the trail and nearby lodging; campsites, hotels, hostels, and homes may be used).  Estimates for costs and suggestions will be provided for each trip itinerary.

  4. Each hiking trip will typically consist of 3-4 consecutive hiking days and a down day to relax or explore the area for some non-hiking activity.

  5. You will be responsible for obtaining all necessary gear and supplies (a list of hiking and backpacking items will be provided).

  6. A mandatory overview session of the trek will be made available to all participants prior to the hiking start date.  We will discuss the expectations, terrain, and other pertinent information for all to have a successful experience.

Join the Journey 

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