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The year is 2020 and COVID-19 required people to do things differently and to explore new ways to be engaged in the world.  The links below identify how this time for reflection and introspection opened up new opportunities for those who Live Life as an Adventure. 


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New Adventures for the Millennium

Check Out What Fresco Adventurers are Doing

Wandering Traveler

Daughter Dialogues

Many people are not aware of the fact that the DAR has members of color or that men and women of color contributed to the Revolutionary War.

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Wander with Me

Check out the adventures of Wandering Wanda through various posts of living life as a wandering spirit


Mind Your Mindset

I've been enlightening people for years on how to take back control over their lives, goals, and health. My main goal is to empower others to understand that life is a balance...


What If? With Wanda

Inspiration and Motivation for getting through the day, pondering life’s purpose, our own power and passions.  

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